TAG Aviation Asia

Having previously occupied multiple locations within Harcourt House, TAG Aviation Asia were given the opportunity to consolidate all of their facilities on one complete floor. At the same time, the Company decided to make qualitative improvements in a number of areas:

Working Environment – a more open environment with views and natural light for all staff, and generous break-out areas in vibrant colours.

Team Collaboration – within operational groups, the use of a 120 degree desk system in a variety of arrangements for group, formal and informal meetings.

Corporate Identity – extensive use of TAG colours and branding to reflect corporate identity with references to aviation themes, forms and graphics.

Growth and Change – space has been allowed for expansion of working areas, with movable walls at meeting rooms.

Client Experience – flexible areas that can be opened up for Town Halls and other large gatherings or made private with e-glass partitions for visual and acoustic privacy.


TAG Aviation Asia


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