Och-Ziff Capital

Global alternative asset manager Och-Ziff appointed us to complete their new office at 48F Cheung Kong Center, on a Design and Build basis.

Rather than enclosing the Front-of-House meeting rooms behind solid walls, the Client’s emphasis here was, both figuratively and literally, on transparency – hence the extensive use of full height clear glass. Upon entering the new premises there is an uninterrupted view from the reception area all the way to the Boardroom, which is only partially obscured from views to the inside.

Further along, a secure door separates the FOH from the work area where dealing desks and private offices are located. The Café, which is located in the internal office, features an island unit with loose seating and lavender pendant lights in front of a fully equipped, white lacquer painted service counter. A forest mural on the end wall adds visual depth to this space, which is also separated by a glass wall from the open-plan space beyond.

Throughout the premises, the Managing Partner’s extensive collection of contemporary artwork is on display – in meeting rooms, corridors and elsewhere.


Och-Ziff Capital


Cheung Kong Center


Design + Build