Ninety One

A spin-off from an Anglo-South African banking and wealth management group, Ninety One now occupies half of one floor at One Pacific Place.

The design of the new premises is similar to the firm’s New York City office with regard to the materials selected and in the floor finishes. At the Front-of-House the signature application of extra wide borders in contrasting finishes at the reception, conference room and in the meeting rooms visually links this space to the one that preceded it in Manhattan.

Wall finishes and colours are derived from the firm’s corporate design guidelines and used throughout the office at both the public areas – including in the corridor leading to the base-building toilets – as well as in the restricted-access office areas.

Ninety One graphics are also used on glazed partitions, and contrasting carpet tiles denote collaboration areas and locations of proprietary phone booths.

Three-dimensional “91” logos in a bright yellow, acoustically absorbent material by Baux project out from a deep green background, flanking the LCD screen and providing a fun – yet practical – accent in the staff Cafe.


Ninety One


One Pacific Place


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