Hyundai Development Company

In the Gangnam district of Seoul, HDC have established new headquarters on the top floor of Daniel Libeskind’s building, The Tangent.

The Reception Zone incorporates elements characteristic of HDC’s civil and building construction DNA: rebar was used to create display shelves around existing columns, while a rough hewn slab of recycled timber caters to both casual dining and impromptu meetings.

The reception room in the Collaboration Zone marks a departure from the more rigid, formal settings of the past. Lounge seating is lush, low and varied – with soft lighting and geometric artwork, while across the corridor the Grand Hall provides a dinner venue for up to twenty.

The open-plan area that comprises Zone 3 emphasizes practicality and the need for an efficient work space, with fabric finished lockers for storage and clear glass phone booths for staff to make private calls.

In the Leadership Zone, three private offices are flanked by a waiting room, at one end, and by the elegantly finished Chairman’s Suite at the other. Lighting throughout is subdued and the walls feature a collection of very colourful, carefully illuminated abstract paintings.


Hyundai Development Company


Metlife iPark Tower - Seoul