Provider of software and IT support to the global financial services industry, Sydney-based GBST now occupy a full floor of the Club Lusitano Building on Duddell Street.

Except for the conference room, meeting room and CEO office, the brief called for an entirely open-plan ‘flat’ solution where 16 staff could be accommodated at bench seating. The main feature here is the Café, where the yellow GBST star is inset into the vinyl flooring, in recognition of the company’s original Star Systems heritage in Australia and New Zealand.

To meet a very tight construction programme over the Lunar New Year Holiday in Hong Kong, readily available materials were used throughout: two different in-stock carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, plastic laminates, pendant and strip fluorescent lighting. Taking full advantage of the generous slab-to-slab height, the base-building ceiling system was removed and only the conference room is provided with a dropped ceiling – in gypsum board – and only over the actual table itself.

The statement piece occurs at the front entrance where the company logo is carved into a full height, reclaimed timber panel, and painted GBST blue and white, and the entire design was replicated at the GBST office in the Grace Global Raffles Building, Singapore.




Club Lusitano Building


Design + Build