Inspired by his youth in Hawaii, the AEW Head of Asia suggested highlighting a prized ‘short board’ in the entry to the firm’s new premises in Central, the top side of the board sporting an illustration of a ‘woody’ – the timber-clad American station wagon made famous in the 1962 Beach Boys hit Surfin’ Safari.

The skewed reception space has a meeting room at either end: the first, for groups of 4-5, is accessed immediately upon entering the lobby, while the more impressive Boardroom is located at the opposite end adjacent to the Cafe, where staff and visitors sometimes intermingle.

Two secure doors to the office space are concealed in the long, timber-paneled wall, a finish that directly references the woody featured on the surfboard.

Switchable electronic glass at the Boardroom provides privacy for confidential meetings while a mural of Boston harbor overlooks the open office area – providing a visual reminder of the company’s roots in the capital of Massachusetts.




8 Queen’s Road Central


Design + Build