Union Hospital New Wing

We were approached in 2005 for the interior design of a four storey addition to Union Hospital, developed by Henderson Realty in Shatin.

Facilities completed within the new building include:

11F Presidential Suite + Private Wards
10F Surgical Ward
09F Isolation Ward
09F Day Care Wards
09F CDU Ward
08F Consultant / Staff / Student Rest Rooms
08F Hospital Management Offices
08F Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre
08F Consultation Rooms
08F Training / Seminar Centre
03F Maternity Wards (2008)
02F Green Cafe (2008)
02F Plastic Surgery Centre (2008)

This majority of the project was completed in early 2006 and caters to patients from throughout Southeast Asia who are seeking a higher standard of private health care. We were subsequently appointed to design the Plastic Surgery Centre, Green Cafe and new Maternity Wards, all of which were completed in 2008.

Notably, the building and its interiors won a Hong Kong Quality Building Award, also in 2008.


Henderson Land


Shatin Heights


Interior Design


2006 / 2008