Simpson Thacher & Bartlett

We were first appointed by Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in 2006 for their move to new premises at 35F ICBC Tower. Since then, the firm has acquired the 36th floor, which precipitated construction of an internal connecting stair as well as a partial re-stack of the space at the lower floor.

Benefitting from a 12′ (3.65m) ceiling height originally requested by the large brokerage house tenant that occupied the 35th Floor when the building was constructed in 1982, these spaces were, for many years, the tallest in Hong Kong.

By using translucent, horizontally-etched glass, timber veneers and stone, bamboo flooring, subtly-patterned fabrics and distinctive lighting, the design achieves an elegant, contemporary look, in keeping with the firm’s traditions.

The same materials were also selected for the upper floor, although the ceiling here is somewhat lower – and we have continued to update the premises to meet the firm’s changing requirements over the years.


Simpson Thacher & Bartlett


ICBC Tower


Design + Project Management


2006 / 2012 / 2019