Prudential – PruSpace

For two customer-facing floors at the agency’s Gateway premises in Prudential Tower, TST, the client’s brief was very clear: the programme was limited to three months for completion of all design and construction, necessitating that builder’s works and MEP modifications be kept to an absolute minimum.

Advised in advance to retain all of the base-building ceiling and lighting, the design team chose to use a wide variety of floor finishes and furniture to create rhythm and interest, and to add colour.

While some spaces featured raised or dropped ceilings – in gypsum board – interesting pendant lights were used throughout, both to create a more casual mood and to define several special areas. At the upper floor, salmon, pink and teal paint finishes were introduced on the columns and walls, and arched openings were used at the private phone booths.

Other features here include open discussion pods and large open areas for training, seminars, and a variety of other audio-visual presentations.


Prudential - PruSpace


Prudential Tower


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