Facebook 2.0

Within two years of completing their first, half-floor office on the 60th Floor, Facebook moved to the entire 66th floor of One Island East in Quarry Bay.

Twice the size of their original space, the new premises incorporated all of the features of the smaller office below, and then some: open ceilings throughout the work area, a large Micro-Kitchen, mother’s room, and a host of small, medium and large meeting rooms, plus cozys – for two-person staff video conferences with other Facebook offices and partner companies around the world.

Accommodating 160 staff, or more than double the number housed at the 60th floor, the new space also included a dedicated Oculus Rift Demonstration Room for this virtual reality facility that was not part of the Facebook group when the first office was completed in 2014.


Facebook 2.0


One Island East