Facebook 1.0

This office features many of the amenities most of us can only dream of, from the fully stocked Micro-Kitchen to the ping pong table to the treadmill – equipped, of course, with a worksurface for your laptop – to the massage chair with a million dollar view. All of the desks are identical –750 x 1500mm – and motorised to ensure that every individual’s size and working position can be accommodated. And, of course, there are no private offices.

Although the company provided extensive guidelines as to the quantity and size of every type of space, there was still room for some interpretation and, especially, for the welcome  infusion of local Hong Kong colour and flavour into the design of this LEED rated facility.


Working closely with the Facebook team, the premises was brought to life over a period of six months, culminating in frantic trips to nearby showrooms for that one last piece of casual, eclectic furniture to give this interior the feeling of a home away from home – a place the staff wouldn’t want to leave at the end of the workday.


Even the graffiti by artist Cara To, and her homage to the King of Kowloon’s famous calligraphy on a freestanding column, are evidence of the Hong Kong roots – but this office has the unmistakable, social-by-design Facebook DNA throughout.


Facebook 1.0


One Island East