EdUHK Debating Chamber

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK),

was founded in 1994 as The Hong Kong Institute of

Education. It is one of eight subsidised Universities

under the Hong Kong University Grants Committee and the only one dedicated to teacher

education. In the field of Education, it is ranked 9th in the world and 2nd in Asia. The University is located on Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, in the New Territories. The debating chamber was built as one of the core facilities at the outset and serves as a setting for discussion and debate in furtherance of the profession of teaching in Hong Kong.


In design terms, the setting is in-the-round with the key protagonists seated at the centre with the audience and other participants seated in concentric rings radiating from the hub. The floor progressively rakes up from the centre to the perimeter. The use of timber paneling throughout gives

reverence to the space enhancing the formality of the debating process. A sophisticated audio system with each position microphoned up ensures that all participants can be clearly heard. The ceiling is composed of three dimensional acoustic panels thereby reducing reverberation time to the benefit of

the speech enhancement system.


The Education University of Hong Kong


Clearwater Bay


Interior Design