Club Orlov

Of the 3,410 apartments at the Cullinan West along the West Kowloon corridor, 80% are small units of less than 540 SF suitable for singles and young couples.  Club Orlov is primarily a co-living lounge and co-working area; a work-from-home environment for those living in smaller units.

Orlov provides both open spaces or quieter corners for working alone or in groups. The Club works equally well simply as a social gathering co-living space with its diversity of furniture settings.

Finishes are light and bright with an abundance of indoor planting and quirky art pieces that combine to create that homey feel, an extension of the living room.

There is a learning kitchen where classes can be face to face or streamed upstairs to apartment kitchens. With its rough hewn solid timber dining table, it is also available for dinner parties, again an annex to the home.


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