Caine Hill Clubhouse

The Clubhouse at Caine Hill sits on the podium roof, with the residential tower immediately above. The facilities are arranged in three groupings: There is a fully enclosed indoor space; a covered section open at the sides and an outdoor space open o the skies.

The indoor spaces are mainly physical activity areas with a concentional gym, a yoga/Pilates studio and a climbing system of ropes and suspended benches.

A function room and open kitchen sit within the gazebo, also enclosed, that opens out onto the garden areas with a horizontal pivoting garage style door.

The covered areas are furnished with outdoor furniture and two co-working booths. The floor is in marine deck wood finish with planting areas for low shrubs.

The uncovered areas have a lounge area and an al fresco dining area with barbecue grill. The vertical wall flanking the neighbouring buildings is finished with a living wall in a rich variety of colour


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Interior Design