Berluti is a luxury brand of gentlemen’s fashionware including custom made shoes, leather accessories and ready-to-wear clothing under the umbrella of the LVMH group.

The concept design for Berluti Stores was developed by Berluti’s signature designer, Curiosity, based in Tokyo. Our role, as with other LVMH retail outlets, is the development of the design, tender drawings and contract administration in collaboration with the Paris Design Team, the LVMH project office in Hong Kong and the team of specialist consultants also in Hong Kong.

This store occupies approximately 100 square metres on the Ground floor within the One Central Shopping Centre in Macau, of which about 80 square metres is dedicated to selling. The store also has an internal façade, or shopfront, within the One Central Shopping Mall.

The project was launched in mid 2103 and, following 3 months of site work, doors opened in late November.


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