AsiaSat were very clear in their brief for this office: It was essential that the new space should project an air of corporate efficiency rather then space age razzle-dazzle. In short, the interior needed to look more like that of a law firm than an IT company or similar cutting-edge enterprise.

The solution incorporated elements of what makes AsiaSat so well known in its industry.

LED screens are liberally arrayed throughout the public areas, running continuous television feeds beamed from satellites launched and maintained by the company, as virtual live art.

The environment overall is cool, calm and collected. The ‘orbit’ motif from the AsiaSat logo is reflected in the raised ceiling and the aquarium window which greets visitors upon exiting the lifts, subtle references to the company’s heritage at the fringes of outer space. Materials used here are hard wearing yet elegant in both proportion and scale.




Manulife Plaza


Design + Build