Calvin Klein

Two Harbourfront in Kowloon is the home of Calvin Klein Asia Pacific.

Half of one floor is devoted to the company’s multi-purpose showroom where new collections are displayed and catwalk campaigns are held. Another two floors house the firm’s Corporate Headquarters.

Company branding is evident immediately upon arrival at each floor where metal-framed, transparent glass doors lead visitors into spare, minimalist reception areas. Black and white, tones of grey, raw timbers and subtle lighting are used to contrast the interior with the building’s architecture, in keeping with the Calvin Klein global image.

The latest clothing and accessories – not yet available on the market – are displayed at The Company Store for the convenience of staff and visitors alike, while spacious cafes are equipped with pool tables, foosball and other games for employee entertainment and company gatherings.

Offices for department heads and staff work areas maintain the company colour palette, and CK advertising images are liberally displayed around the office making stylish references to the many brands in the World of Calvin Klein.


Calvin Klein


Two Harbourfront


Design + Build


2015 / 2018 / 2019