Union Hospital Plastic Surgery Centre

The Client’s brief for this new facility at Union Hospital in Shatin included:

  • Reception
  • Breakout Area
  • 5 Waiting Rooms
  • 4 Consultation Rooms
  • VIP Room
  • 2 Operating Theatres
  • 3 Recovery Rooms

The result is a clinical facility of unusual clarity and character. The fluid form of the reception counter is the first hint that patients have entered an environment that is both pristine and youthful. The entrance gives direct access to five waiting rooms, each designed to evoke a bright and hopeful future, with colourful wall graphics and built-in LCD screens which are used to brief patients on the surgical process ahead.

From here, it is a short walk to a consultant’s office across a daylight filled corridor, or to one of the state-of-the-art operating theatres nearby.

Mindful of the need for maximum privacy in this most delicate aspect of the medical profession, a separate corridor has been created to allow patients discrete egress from the centre and a second, more individual area has also been created for VIPs and celebrities.


Henderson Land


Shatin Heights


Interior Design