Sotheby’s Galleries

An event at Sotheby’s Galleries can take many forms. Principally a space for the display of art, a gallery may need to be transformed, in a matter of hours, for a new show – or changed entirely for an auction in a traditional ‘classroom’ format or a dining setting for vintage wines.

The remodelled lift lobby creates an immediate visual impact. From here, space flows effortlessly in a progression of areas that further eases visitor movement through the galleries.

While some areas have been developed with a particular focus, almost all of the exhibition spaces must be capable of being used in a variety of ways to suit the occasion.

Along with the change in space comes the need to reconfigure lighting. Its quality, intensity, direction, focus and colour must be tailored to what is on display.

Subjected as they will be to intensive use, materials must be durable, look good from the outset and remain so, be elegant and simple and not compete with the primary visual focus, the artworks themselves


Sotheby's Galleries


5F Pacific Place One


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