Prudential – Broker Centre

Within less than 4,000 square feet, this project on Level 10 of Lee Garden Five combines a very spacious client reception / waiting area, an open Cafe with woven vinyl flooring, a conference room and seven private meeting rooms – with a 20-person office and a training room for Prudential staff and insurance brokers.

The look is very contemporary: the base building ceilings and luminaires have been upgraded to gypsum board with cove lighting and intermittent troughs of downlights; Bianco Angel stone is inset with carpeted seating areas; and the feature wall incorporates an engraved Prudence logo behind the reception counter, at one end, and a flat screen display system at the other.

It was extremely important to achieve a high degree of acoustic privacy here, since all of the meeting rooms may be fully occupied at peak hours. This was achieved by double-layering the partitions and by extending baffles above the ceiling level to the slab above – and by incorporating rigid fibreglass insulation in all of the walls.


Prudential - Broker Centre


Lee Garden Five


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