HKS+H Plastic Surgery Centre

Privacy and comfort were, of course, the most important considerations in the design of this new facility at the Hong Kong Sanatorium + Hospital.

Although housed in a very old building riddled with both “unusual” structure as well as numerous service ducts running vertically and horizontally across the floor, an impressive, almost ethereal, interior was created in the available space. Upon entry, a group waiting area is noticeably absent; rather, each patient is ushered into a private room which contrasts in both colours, which are bright, and textures, which are warm and fuzzy, with the overall environment of stark white floors, walls, ceilings and lighting, the latter of which is clinical rather than cosy.

Specific areas to note include the carefully detailed toilets and baths where a hint of the outside is brought in via diaphanous window boxes that frame a green view inside. Basins are carved-out, rather then added-on or sunk-in.

In satisfying the owner’s basic requirements for privacy and comfort at this facility, we were also able to create an unusually calm and serene environment that seems to deafen by its very silence and repose.


Our involvement with the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) began in 2001 and, over the years, has included the design of the following Happy Valley facilities:

38F Administration Offices
37F VIP and Deluxe Wards
36F VIP and Deluxe Wards
29F Maternity Wards
27F Deluxe Maternity Wards
19F Physiotherapy Centre
10F Health Assessment Centre
10F Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre
06F IVF Centre
06F Maternity Delivery Suite
04F Auditorium
04F Ophthalmology Centre
03F Comprehensive Oncology Centre
GF Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Centre
GF Radiotherapy Department
GF Tomotherapy Centre
GF Admissions Department + Lounge
Lift Lobbies / Lift Cars

In 2016, we completed the hospital’s new Ophthalmology Clinic and Guy Hugh Chan Refractive Surgery Centre at 21F One Pacific Place in Admiralty, which is also featured in Health + Wellbeing.




Happy Valley


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