HKS+H Ophthalmology Centre

Occupying one half of the 21st Floor at One Pacific Place in Admiralty, the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital’s new Ophthalmology Clinic uses boldly coloured supergraphics as a primary way-finding device.

The design addresses concerns that the vision-impaired would have difficulty finding their way to and from the 45 tightly-packed consultation and diagnostic rooms. Patients and their escorts are introduced to their destination, first, by virtue of easily identifiable colour zones, supplemented with traditional numbered and lettered directories, sub-directories and eye-level room numbers in a larger than normal font at each doorway.

Orange and purple are reserved for spaces to the east, green and blue denote spaces to the west. The nurses’ stations are conveniently located at both sides of the clinic, in direct lines from the main reception area, and each of these is also coordinated with the colour of its connecting corridor.

Daylight has been necessarily blocked to all clinical spaces so views to the outside are only available at the patient lounges and children’s play areas.




Pacific Place


Interior Design