HK Club Lobby

The remodeling and enhancement of the office entrance to The Hong Kong Club Building was the initial phase of a major facelift. The main objective driving the refurbishment was to provide a prominent street presence for the office tower, as distinct from the Club, while still respecting Harry Seidler’s 1980 architectural design.

The lobby interior was vastly improved with neutral finishes and better lighting. Design elements refer to the building’s curvilinear form in both the serpentine walls and scalloped, raised ceilings.

A major addition was the commissioned artwork along the wall leading to the lifts, washed with raking light that casts deep shadows across its bas-relief surface.

Other parts of the lobby are addressed in a clean, cool and contemporary manner. Elements such as the management counter, office directory and news screen, as well as the lift lobby itself, use back-painted glass as a contrast to the stone. The journey finishes with a panel of abstract art, changeable with the seasons, as a focal point and a full stop at the end of the lift lobby.


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